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The Powder Room

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

A powder room can look like a million bucks in any home.

How? Because it's usually the smallest room in the house!

Crazy to think right? Well, here's the deal. We know powder rooms are pretty small -because that's all they really need to be. But, you can actually splurge on a few items here, make it fun, and not end up spending a fortune when it's all said and done.

I've gathered some of my favorite powder room inspiration images below to share with you.


The wall finishes in this bathroom are clean and modern while having a little fun. If you're looking for an easy update, wallpaper can be the way to go - no paint fumes, no drop cloths or edging tape needed. The wainscot in this powder room calms the wallpaper down a bit - which means you can get a little crazy with a paper pattern and it would still look proportional.

This is definitely a little bold! Mixing colors, patterns and finishes in this powder room is something that Veneer Designs did in a Malibu Beach house project. It may not fit everyone's taste BUT I do think there is always something to take away from even the things you don't like.

#1) This indigo wallpaper is to die for (I have a thing for anything blue)

#2) The mixture of the warm wood tones, black and whites creates a timeless design

#3) The bamboo style window treatment is very affordable and can transform the room in as little as 5 minutes (You can get these at Home Depot & Lowe's, they are technically outdoor solar shades and super easy to install!). I added these blinds to my first floor windows with white curtains and I love it.

The powder room images above are actually from a remodel in Philadelphia! (Not one of my projects). I found these inspiration images while researching ideas for powder rooms weeks ago. I loved this idea so much and wanted to hang onto the images for this post.

The coolest part is that the author of the "May Richer Fuller Be" blog hand painted this hatch pattern on her walls (HERSELF!) -- it is absolutely stunning! Feel free to click the link above to read more about her experience with this transformation.


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Stacey Pagan
Stacey Pagan
Feb 10, 2019

Love studio McGee

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