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5 Beautiful Statement Walls

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

A simple painted accent wall is on it's way out and dimensional, textured and rich contrasting colored accent walls are on their way in.

Adding a statement wall can be an affordable solution to update any room of your home.

I'm seeing that some of the most popular locations for accent walls are in a bedroom, behind the bed. The accent wall accentuates the headboard like this board and batten feature designed below by Southern Revivals.

Where should you put an accent wall?

The best advice I can give as to where to put an accent wall is where ever you see the focal point of the room being. In a bedroom, it's most often being the bed. In a living room, it's often at the fireplace, the TV wall or behind the sofa.

Don't think you have a focal point in your space? Not to worry, you can create one!

Draw attention and fix eyes on any wall as long as you create interest via contrasting colors, materials, or textures. Keep in mind texture and color comes with personal taste!


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