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Material Monday

Updated: Feb 22

Good Morning! I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weekend that mother nature brought to us in the middle of January. Who else is ready for Spring? I was actually starting to feel like a Californian this weekend -- thinking to myself is this what their winters are like!?


I like to start my work week with a little "material Monday" inspiration and browse Pinterest to get my thoughts and weekend design ideas organized.

Today I gathered a few of my favorite mood boards that I've saved to my Pinterest page to share with you all -- feel free to save them too!


What is a mood board?

A mood board can be a combination of material (this can be tangible or digital!) that you gather for a project inspiration and to visually conceptualizing an idea, approach or design aesthetic.

For residential designers, this will typically consist of a variety of tiles, paint color chips, cabinet door samples, metal finishes for selected hardware and fixtures, tile grout samples, wood flooring samples, and even soft finishes like fabrics for furniture, curtains, rugs, etc.

My mood boards:

I've found that putting together the materials that encompass all of the decisions my clients and I make (i.e. cabinet color, countertop material, paint colors, hardware finish, tile, etc.) into a tangible mood board on the table at a design meeting really helps to giving a sense of the color scheme while using real materials, in real time and right in front of my clients -- and my clients LOVE it!


Have a great week!

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