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Bathroom Remodel in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Mt. Airy is a suburban-ish neighborhood, located 30 mins from Center City. The neighborhood of Mt. Airy is known for it's variety of architectural styles, diverse community and various historic cobblestone streets. We had the opportunity to remodel both bathrooms of this single-family twin home constructed in 1925, last summer.

Our clients came to us to remodel their bathrooms for a few reasons:

#1) Updated finishes to add value to their home

#2) A bright and airy bathroom aesthetic, which their current bathrooms lacked

#3) Better bathroom storage solutions

The 2nd floor bathroom (the blue bathroom!) was the main bathroom of the house. We choose modern fixtures with traditional profiles and features to balance the remodel with the original architectural style of the house.

The 3rd floor bathroom is mainly for their teenage daughter. Together the family selected a few earthy finishes for this space; specially Sherwin William's "Night Owl" paint and a Daltile accent border and pencil trim with a bit of a metallic shimmer. The clients and I agreed on a floating vanity as the best solution for this bathroom to make it feel as large as possible -- picking things up off the floor is certainly one way to do it!

We decided to kept with the existing door entry for both bathrooms -- not only in terms of cost savings but to also keep with the original architectural characteristics of their home. On the 3rd floor, we agreed to transform the existing window opening from a double window to 1 centered window to gain additional storage space next to the proposed the alcove bathtub.

Post-demolition pictures are always fun to capture. It's interesting to see what's behind the walls of these older homes. Most often, we find old plaster and lath, in addition to older framing -- which is usually 2" x 3'' studs.

Lead Designer | Stephanie Hoffmeier, CKBR

Builder & Project Management | Bellweather Construction, LLC

Interior Staging | Alison Froling

Finish Photography | Ronnie Bruce


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