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Sofa Pillows Style Guide

With all this extra time spent at home, have you thought about refreshing your space?

You may already have the items you'll need to get your sofa looking stylish and ready for hours of lounging and binge-watching Netflix.

I am sharing with you my to-go guide (AND IT'S SO EASY WITH ONLY 3-STEPS!). I'm pulling this guide right out of my digital notebook for pillow placements and layering on a standard-sized sofa.

  1. Start with two simple pillows. These can be solid colors or a simple two-color scheme, as shown above.

  2. Layer two patterned pillows in front of pillow #1. These should match the overall color scheme you're setting out for and be a little smaller than #1.

  3. Place a slender lumbar pillow in the center. Feel free to play with texture here - I have a black leather pillow placed in the image above.


  • Look for fringes and tassels on the ends of your pillows when browsing and buying. You don't want to overdo it on the tassels...

  • Think about your curtains, window treatments, rugs, or carpet color scheme in the room your sofa is in. Your pillows should complement this color scheme.

Stay tuned for more style guides you can use around your home with things you may already have!

Until next time,



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