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Bathroom Vanity Style Guide

I couldn’t wait to share my second style guide with you all!

Today’s sketch is all about bathroom vanities.

Depending on your countertop size, you may not have the space for all of these items — or you may only have the space for 1-2 items. That’s okay!

My vanity isn’t huge either. I found that a simple 1-stem flower in a petite vase goes a long way, and makes me happy! And of course a decorative soap bottle — I am super picky when it comes to hand soap. I shop by shape, soap color and how it would fit into my scheme.

Check out my 'Bathroom Vanity Style Guide' in my digital notebook for an EASY 3-step hassle-free decorating process.

Step #1. Introduce fresh cut flowers in a taller glass vase - make sure to cut the ends of your stems so your flowers last longer!

Step #2. Add the small stuff. I recommend the following:

- Decorative or Brand-Name Soap Bottle (That's an essential) I like Mrs. Myers or Method

- Rolled hand-towels for convenience. Match the color scheme of the bathroom

- A small-to-medium sized candle that matches your color scheme

Step #3. This is for anyone who has an open vanity - take advantage of the storage opportunity! Add a few baskets and put your every-day essentials like make-up, the hair dryer, the curling iron, etc. Alternately, this could be a great way to reach for other toiletry items like band-aids, cotton balls, q-tips, etc.

Stay tuned for more style guides you can use around your home with things you may already have!

Until next time,



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