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Kitchen Island Style Guide

I feel like I get asked this question often - “How do I decorate my island?”

The answer is simple, follow my 'Kitchen Island Style Guide' in my digital notebook for an EASY 3-step hassle-free decorating process.

Here's to enjoying your space!

Step 1: Create a visual hierarchy that provides a focal point by starting with a tall vase of flowers. Be sure to fill the vase with 1/3 it's height in water and make sure it's no more than 1/2 full.

Step 2: Add a decorative bowl with your favorite fruit or a cake stand with cookies, baked goods, etc.

Step 3: For added cozies, light a medium-sized candle that matches the color scheme you created with steps #1 + #2.

Stay tuned for more style guides you can use around your home with things you may already have!

Until next time,



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