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The Gallery Wall

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

If you're looking to decorate a wall on a budget, these two decorating ideas are for you!

Gallery Wall

Last weekend I stopped at IKEA for a few medium sized picture frames to finish our gallery wall in the hallway. I knew exactly what I was going for so I skipped the showroom and headed right for the marketplace -- you can spend FOREVER in their showroom! I picked up a few 16" x 20" white RIBBA frames for around $10/ea and waited in line for 30 minutes... is the line that long at every IKEA?

Next I ordered a few enlarged photos online. I used CVS Photo to get my photos printed. They printed and shipped the prints for about $4/ea -- I thought that was a great deal! You can download the FreePrints app on your phone as well and get 100 4" x 6" photos printed free (as long as you pay shipping!).

Thinking of a wall that needs refreshing? Here's a few ideas to inspire you.

Picture Ledge

I came across this shelf ledge idea a while back when I was designing the shelving at our office's design showroom. This simple ledge profile allows you the flexibly to mix up your wall decor when you get bored -- seasonally or whenever!

You can make the shelf yourself for a custom width with 1x primed material OR you can get a few different stock sizes at IKEA.

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